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 photo aa.gif “.Si venimos al mundo para ser infelices...mejor nos regresamos"
María Teresa,Nacida en 1992.Por siempre 17...Enamorada de la música, del fútbol, libros y del ARTE en general. Mi alma vive atrapada por una forma humana. Radico en el ombligo de México suspendida entre el cielo y la tierra de una ciudad indecisa, en donde la vida no vale nada. Mi Sangre Es Sayayin, Describirse es Limitarse.
Dándole toques a Raúl & Zanetti

Javier Zanetti channeling his inner Zoolander.

Lo mejor que he visto, Zanetti es la pura onda.

And all together it went well
We may pretend we were best friends
Then she said “Oh you’re a freak”
They ordered me to make mistakes
Together again, like the beginnin’
It all works somehow in the end
The things we did the thing you hide
But for the record it’s between you and I

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ONE WAY TRIGGER ft. Julian’s perfect falsetto <3

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Razorblade @ Capitol Theater 31/5/2014

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"What are you taking pictures for? We’re right here. How do I look?" #thestrokes #juliancasablancas (via alightagain on instagram)

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Thanks guys for tuning in and thank you Zildjian! See you all at Governors Ball in NY on June 7th! #thestrokes

Fab via Zildjian Company

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The Strokes walking on stage after almost 3 years…

Really special moment, they came up with an instrumental version of 80’s Comedown Machine 

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